Tips for Teens

Here are some tips to help you with the ups and downs of life.

  • Get enough sleep every night (napping during class doesn't count)
  • Eat at least five fruits and vegetables everyday (Starbursts are not considered a fruit)
  • Limit the amount of sugar and salt in your diet (find substitutes for soda and chips)
  • Avoid cigarettes and other tobacco products (like the plague)
  • Refuse to consume alcohol and drugs (they really don't help in the long run)
  • Exercise at least thirty minutes a day (dance wildly and encourage someone to join you)
  • Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day (people sometimes won't tell you what is stuck there)
  • See a dentist and doctor if you feel something is wrong (trust your intuition)
  • Laugh at least 15 times per day (with yourself, not at yourself)
  • Ask family and friends for help and support (when the roller coaster is just too much to handle)

Youth Resources

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